German Physiks Unlimited MKII in Enjoy the

Testbericht der German Physiks Unlimited MKII in Enjoy the December 2016 -> Link zum Bericht

Tom Lyle – quotes:
„I came to realize how it could not only be a different way of enjoying the reproduction of music in one’s home, but the way to enjoy the reproduction of music.“

„These speakers also sound clearly different from a multi-driver dynamic speaker in that there is no bass-mids-treble delineation; there was just the sound of the instruments in space.“

„I was quite surprised at how low the bass went, as were visitors to my listening room. It was more than just how low, but the quality of these lows that impressed during long listening sessions. German Physiks sure knows how to load a woofer!“

„The strong points of the German Physiks Unlimited MK II are many, one of which is its huge soundstage. But it also has the uncanny ability to elicit an emotional response when it reproduces the sound of an orchestra.“

„The omni-directional sound places each instrument and group of instruments within this huge soundstage, and this soundstage is occupied by extremely realistic sounding instruments to create the illusion that one is hearing a facsimile of an orchestra in miniature.“

„On a good recording, I could not only hear the sound in front of, but to the sides and behind the instrument, plus the air around each of the instruments.“

„I could hear the stark difference between plain vanilla Red Book ‚CD-quality‘ sound and files with 24-bit/96kHz resolution. When listening to DSD files or SACD discs the sound got much better still. One certainly doesn’t need super-fine gear to hear the difference between these formats, but the German Physiks speakers made the differences greater than I’ve ever heard before. Interconnects, power supplies, and tweaks all made a huge difference when listening to the Unlimited MK II speakers.“

„Female vocals were rendered with a super-realistic, seductive sound.“

„When I played the DSD file of the EMI recording of Elgar’s Sea Pictures with Janet Baker singing, it was if I could picture her standing in front of the orchestra at Abbey Road Studios singing into the microphone. But it was more than that, often it sounded as if there were no speakers in my listening room, the sound of the orchestra and her voice were just there.“

„But the Unlimited MK II makes many speakers that don’t use omni-direction drivers seem primitive when it comes to many of the cues that make recorded music correspond to what happened on the other side of the microphone or recording console.“

The reviewer highlights how the Unlimited, with its DDD driver, can get closer to what is in the recording as it can retrieve fine detail that is often masked by conventional design loudspeakers. This can be a double edged sword however, as this high level of transparency will also show you if you have problems in your system. However, this is actually a good thing, as then you have the ability to identify the source of any problems, remove them and so improve your system.

„Every audiophile owes it to him or herself to hear what Unlimited MK II speakers have to offer, especially those which are a relatively affordable gateway into German Physiks‘ omni-directional sound. After an audition one may never consider another type of speaker again.“

HiFi Choice November 2016