German Physiks HRS130 in HiFi Choice 2016

Testbericht der German Physiks HRS130 in HiFi Choice November 2016 -> Link zum Bericht

Chris Ward – quotes:
„Deep bass has fantastic agility and is portrayed in an entirely musical way. Some speakers stretch their bass credentials, performing at the edge of their limits, but this just delivers the deepest frequencies without blinking.”

„Communication is completely unforced, with music just flowing through the whole room, not overtly emanating from the drivers.“

„The omnidirectional design propagates sound in a way that means I can walk around the room with little or no degradation to the image. Even people in the next room can be drawn in to the performance, in a way that other speakers simply can’t match.”

„Bass quality becomes a set of pure notes with extra texture and a punch that is visceral, but doesn’t seem to aggravate room modes.“

„The opening rasp from the brass section is utterly compelling and the kick drum is as fast as a gunshot.”

„The HRS-130 combines the speed and imaging qualities of an electrostatic panel with the coherence and communication of a full-range driver, along with the air shifting qualities of a dedicated subwoofer.“

„Huge, wide, tall soundstages are continuous sweet spots that permeate even large listening rooms in an entirely natural and unforced way with fast transient dynamics, pure bass notes and dense complexity simply flowing as music should.“

„Acoustic music feels live and mesmerising, while electronica is able to transport you to another world.“

„Add another pair of monoblocks to bi-amp each speaker and it could well be a giant slayer.””


HiFi Choice November 2016