German Physiks Borderland MK IV

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Kommentar – Matthew Clott Jul 14th, 2021 in the absolute sound:

Returning now to its overall presentation, I want to highlight a few points. The size of the stage is limited by the width between the speakers and the size of the room. The Borderland can scale up and down incredibly well. Placement is forgiving, but efforts at fine-tuning yielded expected rewards. Larry really knows the speakers, and I believe the effort invested in placement was a good part of what I appreciated in the Borderland’s timbral and harmonic capabilities. With omnis I have learned that placement affects the speaker’s tone and timbre much more dramatically than it does its spatial presentation. Also, the Borderland requires a good amount of power to shine; this is not a speaker to match with a 60Wpc push-pull tube integrated. It takes significant power to get the DDD and 12″ woofer to deliver the goods, and top-tier equipment will allow the GP speaker to truly shine. Holger’s KISS is more of an accurate transducer of music, and less of a conventional loudspeaker. It grows on you over time, as you become accustomed to its different and wonderfully natural presentation.

Built to very high standards and offering an impressive array of sonic attributes that will satisfy both the ardent audiophile and the music lover, the Borderland’s unique styling and omnidirectional sound place this German delight on the must-audition pedestal. Remember during your audition that, like a fine Riesling or Schnapps, with time your appreciation of the Borderland’s unique attributes will grow.