German Physiks Unlimited MK2 in the Absolute Sound magazine

Testbericht der German Physiks Unlimited MK2 in The Absolute Sound magazine -> Link zum Bericht

Dick Olsher:
„Historically, omnidirectional loudspeakers have been rare contestants in the high-end arena. It is their uniform power response that is typically responsible for an exceptionally wide sweet spot and spectacularly solid imaging. Packaged as an entry-level loudspeaker, the Unlimited combines a single carbon-fiber Dicks Dipole Driver (DDD), the ultimate Walsh-type bending-wave transducer, with an 8-inch woofer that is floor loaded in a sealed, compact, tower enclosure. The DDD yields a superbly coherent wavelaunch that puts most multi-way speakers to shame. The extreme treble is slightly deficient in detail and air, but as ample compensation the Unlimited floats an emotionally cogent soundstage and is capable of unveiling music’s dynamic nuances with a level of conviction unmatched at this price point. Setup is critical. A minimum of about five feet of breathing space from the rear wall yields excellent depth perspective and transient clarity.“

The Absolute Sound magazine