Axpona 2017 show report – German Physiks MK4

Our system included:
Merrill Audio pre/power amplifiers and phono stage
VPI – turntable/arm
Aurender – music server
EMM Labs – D/A converter
German Physiks Borderland MK4

The Absolute Sound, Jonathan Valin – „the sound here was very damn good“
“To put it plainly, the sound here was very damn good, with simply lovely timbre on a Bösendorfer grand, and an equally lovely sense of enveloping space. This was a better presentation than what I’ve heard in the past from GP, blessed with the seamless coherence of the DDD but with tighter imaging in the mids, terrific transient response and ambience retrieval in the treble, and very good integration and sock on the bottom. It wasn’t a direct-radiator sound but it wasn’t unfocused, bright, or ill defined, either. Terrific on Rimsky Korsakov and equally wonderful on Doctor John and Odetta’s version of “Brother Can You Spare a Dime,” this was my first Best of Show contender.”
Axpona Absolute Sound show report 2017

AV Showrooms, Kemper Holt – „They completely disappeared“
AV Showrooms produces videos of the exhibits at shows. At the end of the show the reviewers involved sit together and discuss what they think were the outstanding rooms. This year reviewer Kemper Holt was very enthusiastic in his praise of what he heard from German Physiks loudspeakers:
„The German Physiks took cymbal crashes to a new level. They were explosive. They shimmered and had a really nice long decay. The dynamics were explosive” …” The image was wonderful. Nothing stuck to the speakers. They completely disappeared.”

Positive Feedback, Dr. David Robinson – „superior audio virtues for music and sound”

This year German Physiks received their third Audio Oasis Award from Positive Feedback magazine.
We also recived an award in 2016 for our room at T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach and in 2015 for our room at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

Enjoy the Music, Stephen Rochlin – „… a killer sounding setup …“