Der lebendige Sound des Heed Lagrange ist sein größter Trumpf, doch auch in allen anderen Bereichen macht der Vollverstärker eine tolle Figur !“ 2020

„It is my pleasure to highly recommend Minidsp Flex audio signal processor, DAC and ADC. You made my day!“
Audiosciencereview Feb 2022

„The Borderland offers a sense of live music that few other speakers convey. With a single driver reproducing the frequencies from 190Hz to 24kHz, the speaker represents a near acoustic point source, creating a holographic stage that is both palpable and believable.“
Matt Clott about German Physisks Borderland Mk IV in Absolute Sound July 2021

„Review of MiniDSP DDRC-88A:
The price point is just right, especially when you compare its features and price with Sonarworks and Trinnov Audio. $999 for an 8 channel unit that can handle up to 7.1 monitoring is impressive, and if you need bass management then that is just an extra $99. ”
Mike Thornton – Pro Tools Expert / 02.18.17 on Production Expert

„The HRS-130 is almost perfect for a small-to-medium size room, providing that it is acoustically tuned along the lines of live-end/dead-end to sharpen image focus. Midrange textures are capable of exceptional purity, characterized by low levels of distortion through the upper midrange.”
Dick Olsher about German Physisks HRS-130 in the Absolute Sound March 2019

“Der miniDSP ist ein sehr smartes Gerät, das Vorstufe mit Lautstärkeregelung, DAC und einen mächtigen Soundprozessor in sich vereint, und damit Lautsprechermanagement und Raumkorrektur ermöglicht. Das Ganze kostet 250 Euro, da kann man einfach nicht nein sagen.” – link zum Testbericht

“ I can say unequivocally, they are different from what you are used to, and to my mind, represent a better approach to sound reproduction…”
Adam Goldfine in Positive Feedback about German Physisks HRS-130 – Dec 2018

“Der Heed Audio Obelisk SI ist ein hocherstaunlicher Amp, der zu Recht wieder Kultstatus einnimmt und von uns gleich einen riesengroßen, blauen `Geheimtipp`-Aufkleber dazubekommt.”
Roland Kraft in Stereoplay 01/2019

“That so much amplifier is available for $1295 should have music lovers dancing, unclothed and unhinged.”
KEN MICALLEF about Heed Audio Elixir in 2016

“Given the right amplifier and room setup, the HRS-130 ticks all the important sonic boxes and clearly edges out the competition when it comes to palpable imaging. No wonder the German Physiks HRS-130 is currently my favorite speaker under $25k.”
Dick Olsher about the German Physiks HRS-130 in absolute sound

Axpona show report 2017 – German Physiks Borderland MK4
„… a killer sounding setup …“ Enjoy the Music, Stephen Rochlin

„Best of the show …“ Jonathan Valin, Absolute Sound
Axpona Absolute Sound show report 2017

„Die BlockAudios sind für mich schon jetzt die Verstärker-Entdeckung des Jahres.”
Dirk Sommer und Roland Dietl
Test von HifiStatement 16.5.2017 – BLOCK AUDIO

„Fazit: Mit der German Physiks PQS-302 erwirbt man einen individuellen Lautsprecher von allerhöchster Qualität und Ingenieurskunst, bei dem nichts dem Zufall überlassen wurde. “ HiFi Test 2017
Review by HiFi Test 2017

„If you aren’t set in your audiophile ways, this loudspeaker demands a listen and comes strongly recommended.“ Alan Sircom about German Physiks Borderland MK IV
Review by hi fi+ 2017

„These speakers also sound clearly different from a multi-driver dynamic speaker in that there is no bass-mids-treble delineation; there was just the sound of the instruments in space.“ Tom Lyle about German Physiks MKII
Review by Enjoy the

„Wilson Audio’s Sabrina speaker is a beautifully even-handed performer with superb imaging. The soundstage produced by German Physiks feels more natural and live, but the Sabrina’s more orthodox presentation is very accomplished and highly compelling.“ Chris Ward
Review by HiFi Choice – German Physiks

„You can kick it, you can be angry with it, you can beg or cry, and it won’t budge. A Block cannot be persuaded to play something that isn’t on the player – and to be honest, I couldn’t trick him with anything…” MJ

Fazit: Ein anderes, faszinierendes Hören !
LowBeats 2015 – German Physiks HRS-130

There are few speakers that I sorely miss after they depart my listening room. The Unlimited II most definitely belongs in that category. It showcases what omnidirectional loudspeaker magic is all about. Its uniform power response is responsible for an exceptionally wide sweet spot and spectacularly solid imaging.
Dick Olsher. The Absolute Sound Issue 265 – German Physiks Unlimited MKII

More than ever, you owe it to yourself to try the German Physiks sound. It could be all you ever need.

hifi+ – April 2016